Are Thinner Sheets Better For Sleepers Who Sweat At Night?

If you are the type of person that sleeps at night with thin sheets, there is a high probability that you do so because you sweat. There are some people that produce a substantial amount of body heat, and as a result of that, they naturally sweat more than they would during the day. Part of the problem has to do with the extra layering which might be on top of the pajamas or other types of clothing that you will wear while you sleep. Once you have found a company that sells sheets, you can then evaluate them based upon the material they are made of, and how thin the sheets are that they are currently selling.

Are Thinner Sheets Better For People That Sweat While Sleeping?

Thinner sheets are always going to be better for people that sleep at night and sweat profusely. Even if they do not sleep with blankets on top, that extra amount of material is all they need to start sweating right away. Additionally, there are some people that are genetically geared to sweat at night. This might have to do with being overly stressed, or having bad dreams, causing them to react in a physical manner. Some have diseases or conditions which cause them to sweat more than most people, and this will be exacerbated with heavy sheets. Therefore, these individuals must find sheets that are thinner, made of specific materials, that can keep them from sweating as much.

What Materials Are Best For People That Sweat At Night.

If people are sweating at night while sleeping, cotton sheets will always be the best choice. This particular material allows the air to flow more naturally, allowing the currents of air to keep their body somewhat cool. On the other hand, if you are using silk or satin sheets, despite how comfortable they are, they are designed to keep people warm. By eliminating all of the sheets that you have except ones made of cotton, they will sleep much better and not sweat as much.

Strategies That Work Best For People That Sweat At Night

Once you have replaced your existing sheets for cotton sheets, there are still other things you can do to prevent excessive sweating. For example, you can leave the window open at night which can help your body stay cool. If you have an air conditioning system, it is recommended that you leave that on at a low setting so as to eliminate any possibility of getting too hot. If you sleep with pajamas, you may want to consider only sleeping in your undergarments as that will allow more air to flow freely over your skin to keep you much cooler.

What If You Are Still Sweating At Night?

If you are still sweating at night, you may want to consider upgrading to a much more expensive type of sheet. There are several different types that can help you stay cooler than standard cotton sheets ever will. This will include parachute linen sheets, nest bedding Egyptian cotton sheets, and those that are made of microfibers tend to be exceptional. Flannel sheets might be another option for you, and despite the added expense, you are paying for the ability to sleep constantly throughout the night without sweating profusely. Combined with all of the strategies that have been presented, you should start to sweat less than ever before by simply making these changes in your sheets and sleeping habits.

Once you have replaced your existing sheets with cotton, linen, or microfiber sheets, you will feel much better at night. By also leaving the air conditioning on, or a window open, this can help with air circulation. If you can, try to avoid sleeping with excessive amounts of clothing, or get clothing that is made from materials that will allow your skin to breathe. If all else fails, you can only use the sheets that you have, and not your top blankets, as this will likely be the best situation for those that sweat profusely. Now that you know how to do this, if you are suffering from this problem while you sleep, you now know exactly how to avoid sweating too much while sleeping at night.


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