How to become a life coach NYC?

Coaching is a huge field, so professionals have countless niches to choose from. This helps trainers sell their services to specific types of clients and gives potential clients the confidence that the trainer has the knowledge to help people take on unique challenges. How to become a life coach NYC?

Some of the possible areas of specialization for life trainers include:

  • Business
  • Career change and job search
  • Romantic relationships
  • Academic Problems
  • Spirituality
  • Aging
  • Work-life balance
  • Weight loss
  • General well-being

Which life trainer certificates are considered the best?

The best-known life trainer certificates or credentials are offered by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Sixteen years after Thomas Leonard’s founding, ICF claims on its LinkedIn group nearly 7,000 certified trainers in over 70 countries. There are three ICF, ACC, PCC and MCC credentials. They are all based on trainings for trainers in approved or accredited schools, the number of hours of professional coaching, the promise of ethics and perhaps a test; or something called the ‘portfolio’ approach for trainers who do not have coaching training.

How to become a life coach NYC?

Another very respected life coach certificate I have is the International Coach Association (IAC) Certified Coach certificate. Eight years after Thomas Leonard founded (yes, the same man founded both), IAC lists less than 50 Certified Trainers on his website (correct me if I’m wrong). I believe that the number was at least twice as high a few years ago. IAC-CC Life Trainer certification is based on an online test, ethical promise, and demonstration of what IAC calls “Coaching Mastery.” I am not sure if the lack of IAC-CC represents the degree of difficulty, lack of popularity, one or the other, but it is a very reliable certification of a life trainer.

Since 2009, Coach Training EDU has been using technology to conduct online training for life coaches. Life Coach Training develops your set of conversational skills that change people’s lives. Provides tools to explore challenges with greater confidence. The ability to apply life coaching theory – and weekly coaching practice – changes your life, both personal and professional. At the end of the trainer’s course you will be delighted with the distance, insights gained and friendships made.

Get a ticket

If you’re serious about developing your coaching business, consider getting an ICF Certification after training your trainer. Over 20,000 trainers have ICF certification. These practitioners represent the best in the coaching industry.

ICF reference holders met stringent requirements regarding education and experience and demonstrated their commitment to coaching improvement. To obtain the ICF Certification, the trainer must:

  • Full training for trainers that meets ICF standards.
  • Reach the designated number of hours of coaching experience.
  • Work with a mentor trainer.
  • Demonstrate appropriate understanding and mastery of the ICF definition of coaching, code of ethics and key competences.



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